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How to become a customer ?

All you need to open a bank
account in France is :
1. A valid passport,
2. A bill dating 3 months maximum
(water or gas),
3. A telephone bill dating 3 months maximum.

For British residents :
1. A council tax bill with statement
and Pay slips



Simplifiyng your life in France with our services

The "Compte Service" is a contract offering several services :
- Sécuricompte vol : insurance in case of loss or theft of your credit/debit card and /or cheque books
- Overdraft at a lower rate, for those special unaccounted purchases
- Managing your account : Any sum which exceeds an agreed amount is automatically transferred to a savings account.

Free On Line Banking

24 h banking with Internet
To access CA Internet Banking, log on to :
In order to apply, you must be an existing Crédit Agricole du Morbihan customer.
Use your personal code to access your accounts.

- How Internet Banking works :


- View balances and statements : With this free on-line service you can check your French
bank account or credit card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can view your statement and

- Transfer Funds on line : You can transfer funds online between any of your own accounts.




On line banking by telephone is also available with " Agence en ligne" at 02 97 46 01 27 (Outisde of France - 0033 2 97 46 01 27),
from Monday to Saturday.
This telephone banking service is available specifically for our english speaking customers and offers the flexibility to conduct banking transactions over the phone, with english speaking advisors.

Our debit/credit Cards

We offer a wide range of cards for all members of the family.
You will be issued a confidential PIN code for each card..
Please note that these cards are not credit cards with a credit limit.

Credit Cards
The French credit card, Eurocard MasterCard, is very useful : it is secure and easy to use to withdraw money or to shop, as 800,000 French merchants accept this type of credit card.
MasterCard is accepted by most French merchants : in hotels, restaurants, service stations, AutoRoute toll booths, parking lots, small shops and super-markets.

With a French Eurocard you can withdraw money without paying additional fees (you will have a surcharge for withdrawals made in France with a foreign creditcard).

Surcharging on credit card purchases is prohibited in France.
Furthermore, many French merchants will prefer that you pay with a credit card rather than with a cheque. It is easier for you and it is free : it works like a cheque if you choose immediate debit payment; you are debited immediately and there are no fees.
The shopkeeper is sure to be paid, it is easy for you, and the name of the shop appears on your statement account.
Please note that non-residents can not benefit from insurance and medical assistance which is included with the French Eurocard Mastercard.

Get more information about the Eurocard credit card

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Crediting funds and transferring funds abroad

Crediting and transferring funds abroad


You need to receive funds from abroad ? To credit your Credit Agricole du Morbihan account.
The transfer will be automatically processed if you give to the principal :
your IBAN code ( International Banking Account Number), which is mentionned in your cheque book :

IBAN Bank Counter Account Key
Code Code Code Number
FR 76 16006 36011 12345678010 99

Our SWIFT code, also called BIC (Bank Identifier Code), is : AGRIFRPP860

Do you need to cash cheques ?
Time can be saved if you check beforehand that the following mandatory information is provided:
- you have signed the back of the cheque (endorsement)
- the date and city are duly completed
- the cheque has been signed by the issuer

Useful Tips : Please check that the amount in letters corresponds to the amount in figures.
Please ensure that the cheque is completed in the current currency (sterling pounds cheque to detail sterling amount and not euro amount)

Transferring funds abroad
Do you need to send funds abroad ?
Please contact your local branch of Credit Agricole and give them with the following instructions :
- your account number
- the amount and currency
- the beneficiary's bank and its SWIFT code (our own being AGRIFRPP860)
- the beneficiary's name

IBAN Bank Counter Account Key
Code Code Code Number
FR 76 16006 36011 12345678010 99

N.B : For the USA, we ask for Fed Wire (FW) or ABA

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Savings accounts

Many possibilities are available. However, some investments are only possible if you are a permanent French resident.

Savings with instant access : Compte Sur Livret, Livret de Développement Durable - LDD (only for French residents) , Livret d’Epargne Populaire - LEP (only for French residents)

Getting a quarterly or a yearly income from your savings : Carré Vert, Obligations (Bonds)

Scheduled savings : Carré mauve, Confluence

Secured savings : Carré Bleu

Diversifying your investments by buying shares at the stock exchange : PEA (Plan d'épargne en Actions) , PEB

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Contact us


Phone In France : 02 97 46 01 27
From England : 0033 2 97 46 01 27
By mail :



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